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Intro Image Aberdeen Harbour 2019

The Aberdeen Harbour has a long and eventful history.

Intro Image At Home

On the occasion of International Women's Day I would like to express respect and gratitude to all domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Intro Image Backbone

A serious back injury hit me at the same time when Hong Kong was devastated by typhoon Manghkut.

Intro Image Before Dawn

While others are still sleeping, some people are already busy before dawn in Hong Kong. Their day starts early and the work is hard.

Intro Image Dai Pai Dong

Traditional food stalls in Hong Kong. Unique Hong Kong food stalls which might disappear soon.

Intro Image Diptych Home

This diptych addresses the increase of domestic violence during the time of the pandemic.

Intro Image Handover

In the streets of Hong Kong, the clamour of a call to freedom from Chinese rule echoed for several months of turbulent social unrest in 2019. 

Intro Image Open Stage

Scaffolding - a traditional craft - almost performed in a theater-like choreography. 

Intro Image Pok Fu Lam

A small village with a long history nestled between the lush tropical greenery and residential high-rises seemingly resisting the change of time, striving to live and preserve its cultural traditions. 

Intro Image Star Ferry

This series of photographs is a homage to Hong Kong’s iconic star ferry and it’s hard-working staff.

Intro Image The Dance Alone

Early in the morning, cleaners are busily sweeping the numerous streets, pavements and stairs in Hong Kong. 

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